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The Watermark Home Owner Association Board would like to welcome you to your new Home Owner's web site.
Outside of home owners paying their association dues, many of you may not fully understand where your money goes or what the HOA board members do for the the association.
The homeowner's board is a legal entity in place to maintain common residential areas.  For our purpose, even though Watermark is comprised of condominiums, townhomes and single-family homes, our board (the one linked to this web site) is only focused on the ownership and residents of single-family homes.  Our association has the authority to enforce and establish deed restrictions and establish and enforce design standards of new home construction as well as changes to existing structures. It's purpose is to maintain community order, help homes retain their value and budgetize, from the collection of assocaiton dues, towards the maintenance of neighborhood infrastructure elements such as streets, lighting fixtures, landscaping and signage to name a few examples.
There are many aspects that the Watermark HOA is responsible for and has the authority to pursue, such as levying fines for rules violations and changing the rules according to HOA bylaws. Our property management company, Precision Property Management, is in place to handle many of our affairs and actions. Here are some examples of other functions that the HOA provides our community:
-  Establish and collect yearly dues — The collection of these fees is to maintain common areas such as greenbelts and entrances. The maintenance of common areas helps homes in the neighborhood maintain value and keeps the area looking nice.
-  Provide security in the form of an entry gate system that requires a pass code.
-  Maintain streets — Arrange for street cleaning and repair. This, too, helps neighborhood homes retain their value.
-  Enforce HOA regulations
We hope you enjoy the addition on the HOA web site as an opportinty and a resource for you to express your opinion, find out or post information, vote for members of the board, view News Letters and many other helpful tools to be able to connect with your neighbors and the board.